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Brooke Branning: Bio

I am a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur living in Los Osos, California in San Luis Obispo County. I am also the VP of a wonderful, growing company which takes most of my time. Writing music and using it to give back is my passion.

I released my first CD "It's Not Too Late" in October 2009.   It is a labor of love and includes songs written in my twenties, thirties and forties.  The music is a mix of pop, rock and country, with songs that are deep and songs that are fun. The opening track "You Won't Be Denied" is a rock/blues song about the passion of new love. The 4th track is a spiritual journey called "Breakfast With Buddha". The 5th track "Losing You To Her" is about losing love to an affair of the heart. The title and 10th track "It's Not Too Late" is about ending global warming and stopping the polluting of our planet.

I hope you enjoy my first CD!